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B71 Limited has multiple businesses, Construction & Engineering, eCommerce, Diagnostic Center, and Marketing Agency. They excel in building impressive structures, driving online commerce, promoting health through diagnostics, and crafting impactful marketing campaigns. Together, these create a dynamic business ecosystem, showcasing innovation and versatility in their respective fields.

Introduction by Company

B71 Limited is a dynamic and multifaceted organization dedicated to excellence in various sectors including e-commerce, construction, marketing agency services, and diagnostic healthcare. Founded on principles of innovation, integrity, and customer-centricity, B71 Limited aims to deliver high-quality solutions and services tailored to meet the diverse needs of its clients.
Md. Nannu Shaik | Founder

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Create Effective Vision and Mission Statement

Delivering exceptional value to our customers while fostering growth and sustainability in every endeavor.
Our vision is to be a dynamic force driving positive change and making a lasting impact in the industries we serve.
Our mission is to transform industries, enrich lives, and inspire progress through our unwavering commitment to innovation, integration, excellence, and sustainable growth.
Our Strategy

Target Marketing is a Marketing Strategy

Our strategy revolves around three key pillars: Innovation, Integration, and Growth. With these three pillars as our guiding principles, we are poised to navigate challenges, capitalize on opportunities, and achieve enduring success in an ever-changing business landscape.


We lead with pioneering approaches across all businesses.


We foster seamless collaboration for maximum efficiency.


We pursue sustainable expansion through strategic initiatives.


Benefit of Working B71

At B71 Limited, our core value lies in our unwavering commitment to excellence, innovation, integrity, and customer-centricity. These values underpin everything we do, from delivering exceptional quality in our construction projects to providing seamless experiences through our e-commerce platform, ensuring accurate and caring services in our diagnostic center, and crafting impactful marketing strategies in our agency. Our dedication to sustainability and collaboration further enhances our value proposition, driving positive change in the industries we serve while prioritizing the needs and satisfaction of our customers and stakeholders.

Teamwork Makes the Dream Work

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MD. Nannu Shaik

Managing Director

Samia Jahan Shimi


Md. Saiful Islam Sumon

Group General Manager


Looking for the Best collaboration?

Seeking optimal collaboration for mutual success and innovation.
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